Cup Rules

Cup Rules

Cup Competitions Rule


1.All teams will be entered into the Heritage League cup competitions.

2.Teams who do not wish to take part in the competitions will be given the opportunity to withdraw before their first match is played. Their opponents will be given a bye into the next round.

3.Teams who complete a round must take part in every subsequent round for which they may qualify. Failure to complete all subsequent rounds up to and including the final, could result in action being taken against offending teams.

4.All matches will be decided on a shots basis. Game and match points do not apply in league cup competitions.

5.In the event of a match ending in equal shots, the final triple from each team shall continue their game until the next scoring end is complete.

6.In the event of a triple being short of players the same rule as league will apply. See league rule 17.1 & 17.2

7.All matches shall start promptly at 7:30pm

8.A practice period of 15 minutes shall be allowed for visiting teams from 7:15pm to 7:30pm. During this period the mat shall be solely and exclusively reserved for the visiting team and shall not be used by any other persons.

9.The away team shall, for the first end of a game be given the option of having the jack or giving it to the home team.

10.Matches must be played during or before the designated cup week. If the home venue is not available on the usual night, the match must be played on another night in that week or before that week. If the home venue is not available during on or before the designated cup week, the match must be played at the opponent’s venue during or before the designated cup week.

11.It is the responsibility of the winning team to return the match card to the secretary no later than the third morning after the match has taken place.