League Constitution

League Constitution


1.1 The league shall be called the West Midlands Heritage League

1.2 The league shall recognise the English Short Mat Bowling Association (ESMBA) as the national governing body of the sport.

1.3 The league shall recognise the West Midlands Short Mat Bowling Association (WMSMBA) as the local governing body of the sport.



2.1 To promote, develop and regulate the game of short mat bowling in the best interests of its members.

2.2 To organise the league(s) and competitions within its boundaries.

2.3 To uphold the image of the league and actively encourage its members to take part in competitions organised by WMSMBA and ESMBA.


3. Membership

3.1 Membership shall be open to any team

3.2 Applications for membership will be considered for acceptance by the committee

3.3 The committee shall vet all applications for membership to ensure that the applicants are capable of sustaining their commitment to the league

3.4 Teams and registered players of the league must conduct themselves properly at all times.

3.5 Any team or individual who applies for membership must have paid all outstanding fees, subscriptions, levies, fines and other payments to any other short mat association or club.


4. Fees and Subscriptions

4.1 Each registered player will pay an annual subscription to the league

4.2 Each team shall pay an annual subscription to the league

4.3 The subscription amount shall be set at the Annual General Meeting

4.4 Each registered player shall pay the annual affiliation fees set by the ESMBA and the WMSMBA. These fees are to be included in the annual subscription.

4.5 All league subscriptions shall be paid by the 21st September

4.6 Non-payment by the due date will cease the membership of the offending team or registered player until all arrears have been paid


5. Administration

5.1 The affairs of the league shall be conducted by a committee. Committee members shall act in the best interests of the league and not as team representatives.

5.2 The committee shall consist of the officers of the league and delegates.

5.3 Officers of the league shall be Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer

5.4 The League Officers and delegate shall serve a one year term of office

5.5 The League Officers and delegates will be elected at the Annual General Meeting

5.6 The committee shall have the power to set up any sub-committee to deal with any specific matter

5.7 The committee shall be empowered to fill any vacancy arising during the year

5.8 The committee shall be empowered to increase the number of officers in the league as it deems appropriate. This is subject to ratification at the next Annual General Meeting

5.9 A quorum shall consist of four members of the committee

5.10 Each officer or delegate present shall be entitled to one vote; when necessary the chairman shall have the casting vote

5.11 The committee shall have the power to submit notice of motion and make recommendations to the Annual General Meeting

5.12 The committee /sub committees shall meet as often as the business of the association requires and both the chairman and the secretary shall be empowered to call such meetings

5.13 A register of attendance shall be kept by the secretary and shall be submitted for scrutiny at the Annual General Meeting

5.14 Honoraria shall be paid to Secretary and Treasurer. The amount shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting. All Honoraria shall be for the financial year preceding the Annual General Meeting.


6. Delegates Meetings

6.1 One delegate meeting will be called a year in the month of July.

6.2 At least 28 days shall be given by the secretary for all delegates meetings.

6.3 The annual general meeting will be open to all registered players however voting will be restricted to one vote for each team playing in the league. Special and other general meeting shall be conducted on the same voting ratio.

6.4 Notices of motion and nominations for office may be submitted by any registered player of the league and must be given to the secretary in writing and duly seconded by the first day of may in each year.

6.5 A quorum of two thirds of member teams is required for Annual General Meetings, Special and other meetings.

6.6 Special and general meetings may be called by the Committee or on the request of at least 3 member teams. The notice calling for such a meeting shall specify the purpose for which it is called and no other business should be transacted at the meeting.

6.7 Attendance at the annual general meeting, special and any other meeting is mandatory. Non-attendance by a representative will result in a £25 Fine.


7. Secretary and Treasurer

7.1 The secretary shall be responsible for keeping a record of the business transacted at all meetings. At the Annual General Meeting the secretary shall report on the proceedings since the previous annual general meeting.

7.2 The Treasurer shall submit at the annual general meeting a financial statement duly audited for the year ending 31st March. Copies of the annual report and accounts shall be sent to every member team at least 28 days before the annual general meeting.

7.3 Auditors to the association shall be appointed at the annual general meeting.


8. Disciplinary and Appeals

8.1 The committee is empowered to adjudicate on any dispute with regards to the constitution or any other rules of the league.

8.2 The committee will adhere to the disciplinary and appeals procedures as laid down by the ESMBA and WMSMBA.


9 Severance of Membership

9.1 The committee shall be empowered to suspend or determine the membership of any team or registered player, subject to the necessary disciplinary procedures and the laws of the game.


10. Conditions Of Play

10.1 The laws of the game governing short mat bowling shall apply to all games with the exception of such variations that are approved by the ESMBA. For the purposes of internal club competitions clubs may make such regulations as are deemed necessary.


11. Alteration to the Rules

11.1 The committee shall be empowered to amend or add to the constitution or the rules of the league as deemed necessary for the good of the league. All teams must be notified immediately of any such changes and they must be submitted for ratification at the next annual general meeting.

11.2 The committee shall have the power to interpret the rules and deal with all matters not specifically provided therein.

11.3 Special general meetings shall be empowered to amend or add to the constitution or rules of the association provided that all teams have been given prior notice of the meeting. All such amendments must be ratified at the next annual general meeting.