The WMSMBA was formed in 1985 and started running leagues in October of that year under a committee that consisted of Bob Weafer, Graham Follis, Brian Hamer, Sue Moyden, Charlie Newman and Roy Stokes.

In 1985 there were two divisions consisting of 22 teams Northern Zone 12 teams and Southern Area 10 teams, the teams were as follows:

Northern Zone: Ansells A, Ansells B, Ansells C, Coleshill Social A, Coleshill Social B, F.I.B.A, Lea Marston A, Lea Marston B, Leyland A, Leyland B, Water Orton A, Water Orton B.

Southern Zone: Arrow Valley A, Arrow Valley B, Arrow Valley C, King George VI A, King George VI B, Moseley Cricket A, Moseley Cricket B, South Redditch A, South Redditch B, WMPTE.

By Its 5th Season 1989/1990 WMSMBA had grown to 87 teams with over 1000 bowlers, In 1993 there were 99 teams split into 3 Northern, 3 Southern, 3 Central and 2 divisions playing in Warwickshire.

In 1994 the Warwickshire Teams formed the Warwickshire SMBA.

In 1996 the Northern side of the county decided to form its own independent league with 44 teams, then in 1998 the southern league started there own independent league called The Heritage League with 43 teams. Both leagues still came under the WMSMBA banner but there own committees ran the leagues. Both of these leagues still exist today although with less teams.

The WMSMBA has had success with its county team over the years winning the Premier Inter County Competition in 1994,2000 and 200I and also winning the Premier Consolation Cup in 1995,2008,2009. The A county team won the A team County Competiton in 1994,2001,2010. The Summer county team won the Championship in its first 3 years.

Currently the WMSMBA still has a Premier and A county team and within the 2 leagues.