League Rules

League Rules

1.A team will consist of a minimum of 7 players and a maximum of 10 players

2.A match will consist of 4 games. (2 triples and 2 pairs)

3.All games will be 11 ends

4.The order of play will be Pair – Triple – Pair – Triple.

5.You must use 7 different players in the first 3 games. The last triple can be made up of any 3 players from your squad, regardless of if they have played in the first 3 games.

6.Each player shall bowl with two bowls only

7.The triple with the highest amount of shots at the end of the game will be declared the winner. In the case of a draw the points will be shared no extra ends will be played

8.The team with the highest shots total at the end of the match will be declared the winners. If the scores are level the match will be declared a draw.

9.Play during a match must be continuous and each game must be ready to go on at the completion of each game

10.The Away team will for the first end be given the option of having the jack or giving it away.

11.Points will be awarded on the following basis:

A)Winner of each game 2 points, if a draw 1 point each

B)Winner of the overall match score 5 points, if a draw 2 points each

12.All matches shall start at 7:30pm

A)Practice for away team will be from 7:15 untill 7:30. Home team can practice from any time untill 7:15.

13.Only Players registered with ESMBA & WMSMBA are eligible to play in the league

14.All Registrations must be completed through the league secretary.

15.Players may only play for 1 team during a season unless they apply for a transfer with the league secretary. Before any transfer is granted both clubs will be contacted before a decision is given

16.All Teams must nominate there match night at the start of the season. All matches shall be played on this night unless otherwise agreed with the league secretary.

17.If a match has be postponed then this game shall be played within 31 days of the original fixture. The league secretary shall be informed of the date and postponement asap.

18.Any disputes about postponements must be sent to the secretary and the secretary’s decision will be final.

19.Teams will swap score sheets before the start of play theses score sheets will be fully filled out with ALL payers.

20.Any dispute/complaint must be reported to the league secretary within 3 days. The matter will then be passed to the Committee and considered before a response is given

21.Play shall be governed by the rules set down by the ESMBA except for any variances.    The following are the variances:

  1. A)Jack off the Mat – the jack can be killed 1 time in each game by each team with the end being replayed. Any further times will result in a 3 shot penalty.

22.For any infringements to any league rules the committee shall have the power to implement any of the following penalties:

  1. A)A cash Fine
  2. B)Forfeit or deduction of points
  3. C)The cancellation of a fixture/result with or without instruction to replay
  4. D)The temporary or permanent suspension from the league

The above penalties can be applied to any player/team or club.

23.Each Team captain can decide on individual make up of his pairs and triples, a scorecard must be fully made out and swapped prior to playing, clearly listing all players to play that night, once this has happened no changes can be made.

24.The Non-Arrival of a team should normally result in the forfeiture of the Match. 13 points will be given to the offended side and 5 points deducted from the offending side. No shots will be given or deducted from either side. Should a team wish to appeal the forfeiture decision then they must contact league secretary within 72 hours

25.The schedule for claiming each game and or match is as follows:

The first game shall be claimed at 7:45

The second game shall be claimed at 8:00

The third game shall be claimed at 8:15

The fourth game will be claimed at 8:15 also

26.Teams can double up 3 players in the final triple as long as they have fielded a full team up to that point. Any team not able to field 7 players will forfeit the final triple and also have to play the first triple with two players. If the final triple is forfeited it will be given as 9-0

27.If a match Is prevented from being completed the arrangement must be made for its completion within 31 days. The secretary must be notified of all arrangements

28.Results must be entered onto the Designated website within 48hrs of the completion of the match. Failure to do so could result in a fine as the discretion of the committee

  1. The league will be run on a handicap basis with each team being set a handicap for both home games and away games at the start of the year. This handicap will be split equally between each game for each team. Eg. Shirley Woods at home handicap 12 playing Legionaires away handicap 32. Each game Legionaires start at 5-0